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Red Flags On The Roof – Know When To Book An Inspection!

Key takeaways:

  • Weak Roofs are a combination of neglect, age, and sub-par materials.
  • Roof repair scams are rampant across the US, inciting mistrust & a loss to homeowners’ investments.
  • The solar industry is highly dependent on a capable roofing installation & repair industry.
  • Roofs need reinforcement before anything can be installed on them.
  • Solid Rock Roofing & Construction are reliable local contractors in The Colony, TX.

Before we hit off with the basics of a failing & unsafe roof and what makes it that way – let’s warn you to beware of any roofing contractors that turn up at your door with a Barbie & Ken smile, offering everything except a legitimate business permit!

The BBB has already issued an alert to be on the lookout for storm chaser contractors & those who offer ‘free roof inspections’ without prior documentation. In a legitimate roofing business, the only thing free is an estimate, and Solid Rock Roofing & Construction is more than willing to provide one!

That said – we now return to every homeowner’s dream of the perfect home and intact shingles surrounded by spotless gutters. But there are environmental & human forces at play can affect how your home looks and stands.

What’s The Deal About a Strong Roof?

Weak roofs are a significant problem. They are common with older homes in multi-family units that have seen one too many remodels, roof repairs, & a replacement or two. And it’s not just the material of the roof that is getting old; instead, it is also the frames & support columns in the house/building that are deteriorating.

So, you see the problem? We’ll draw up a correlation.

When Does a Roof Need Reinforcements?

Solar installation prices have dropped by nearly 60%, meaning that solar roofs will keep expanding to the next decade. That means more clients are looking to upgrade their roofs to solar shingles or solar panels. But the point people miss is that every solar project calls for a roof inspection & an energy audit before being given the green light.

So, what will you put up on a roof headed for disaster or collapse? That’s why roof maintenance, repairs, and replacement are key to ensuring a solid roof over your head.

That also means you need to know how to find local & experienced roofing contractors in your area!

What Factors Are Damaging Your Roof?

  • Heavy rainfall & gale force winds can rip TPO membranes & shingles off roofs, leading to roof leaks. They are the most obvious signs of roof damage because one can’t miss dripping sounds or the unsightly stains left by drying leaks. 
  • Lack of soffit & fascia maintenance can result in weakened side supports to the roof, which usually leads to missing edge shingles.
  • Clogged roof gutters can accumulate corrosive bacteria that will erode the gutter away. Gutter guards are preferred because they keep debris out of the water & are suitable for low maintenance needs.
  • Poor roof drainage indirectly affects the exteriors of the house & breeds conditions for water seepage.
  • If there are too many vines or moss over your roof, it might add to the weight of the roof and make it buckle.

What Are the Signs of a Weak/Damaged Roof?

  • If you have any doors or windows, even skylights, that don’t close properly for a while, there is a sinister answer. With time, buildings & homes tend to settle under a roof’s weight and distress the building frame. It also indicates a structural shift that needs to be checked as soon as possible. 
  • Your roof and you might be in danger if you notice cracks in your ceilings. Suppose your home is made of wood/metal frame with drywall; you will notice cracks & buckling. And if it is mostly concrete, you might see cracks & spelling. 
  • No one expects this of a weakened roof, but sometimes, roof leaks can make their way down to a home’s crawl space and start to rot the path the leaks take. That can compromise the frame supports of your home & endanger the roof.
  • Suppose your roof is a flat-membrane roof. Then, it calls for excellent drainage; otherwise, pooled water can corrode the membrane over time, damaging roof leaks.
  • Continuous exposure to the elements without regular cleaning can also damage the protective membrane over roofs and make them vulnerable to more damage.

Can a Renovation Weaken the Roof?

There is a thing called load-bearing walls in all kinds of homes. While some of the walls in your home might be drywall or just for partitioning, some walls hide support columns that are critical to keeping your multi-story or roofs up top.

There have been instances where renovators knocked down a load-bearing wall or a part of it, and the section just gave away after a few months. This tends to happen in older houses & building designs that are updated to open floor designs. Regardless of the house’s age or design, its load columns should always be identified in a roof inspection before going open-plan with a sledgehammer!

So, the next time you have a roofing or general contractor over at your place, ensure they are the real deal, not scamming you out of a safe roof replacement project.

How Can a Damaged Roof Affect You?

It feels repetitive, but we have a few answers to how a damaged roof is going to ruin your days & your bank balance.

  • First of all, if you have a damaged roof, it affects the structural integrity of your home by bearing down on the support columns. That is a source of worry as you see your investment deteriorate before your eyes.
  • Secondly, with a damaged roof, you can expect insect & rodent infestation too. Because when roof shingles or membranes get breached, animal, insect & bird life can take hold for nesting.
  • Thirdly, and this will hurt, if you have insurance coverage and took your time before filing a claim, you might not be reimbursed for the damages. And if you carried out a home renovation without properly clearing any violation of terms, and the roof got buckled somehow, you might still lose the claim.

Please let us know if you need assistance handling a roof damage claim. And folks, be prompt in calling out a roofing professional for an inspection the moment you feel something has gone wrong up top!

Hire Authentic Roofing Professionals & Experts in Texas!

At Solid Rock Roofing & Construction, we treat our client’s roofs as we would our own. We offer roof repair, maintenance, and replacement, in addition to gutter installation and general contracting services like construction & renovations. And believe us when we say we make sure not to knock down any load-bearing walls.

We are active in The Colony, TX, with our full range of services. Call in for a free quote today.

And for the love of shingles, book a free roof inspection today!