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9 Signs That Indicate It’s Time For Roof Repairs

One of the most important things to maintain on your property is the roof. If it’s not properly cared for, there can be problems with leaks and other issues that will require attention sooner than you may want them to!

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. It should be checked for signs of problems twice a year. If you notice anything faulty, even if it is minor, take action right away – before there’s any damage!

Solid Rock Roofing and Construction in DFW shares nine signs which indicate you need roof repair.

There Are Visible Holes in the Shingles

When you examine your roof shingles and find that there is a hole or multiple holes in any one of them, then it means that there’s a problem with your roof, and a repair is required as soon as possible.

There Are Dark Patches on the Roof

If there are large dark spots that resemble mold, then it’s a sign that water has seeped into the tiles and damaged them beyond redemption. This is also hazardous for your health because the fungi will continuously release spores which can cause mold allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

The Roof Tiles Are Cracked or Chipped

All roofs develop some cracks over time, but if there are a lot of them across the surface of your roof, then it’s likely that something is wrong with the structure underneath. If possible, inspect the attic to determine what’s going on.

The Roof Tiles Are Deteriorating

If the tiles under your gutter and along the edges of your home have started to crumble, then it’s a sign that they’re rotting from the inside. You can determine this by removing one or two of them and inspecting their core. If it has turned spongy or in any way softened, it means it’s a lost cause.

Your Ceiling Is Leaking

Another tell-tale sign that you need a new roof is when water starts dripping into the attic from worn-out tiles or missing shingles. You will also often see moisture on the ceiling, and it might even smell musty. This is because water seeps into the insulation, causing mildew and mold growth. You’ll need a new roof to prevent any further damage to your attic and prevent leakages from occurring again in the future.

Shingle Granules in Gutter

If you start seeing shingle granules in your gutter, it’s a sign that the existing shingles are dried up, curling, and breakable. They can eventually lose their effectiveness as well. It’s better to just replace them all at once to avoid leaks and other potential damages to your roof.

Sagging Roof Deck

You might start seeing visible signs of sagging on your roof deck. This is a common symptom of an old roof because the boards under it are usually already soaked with water, making it weak and susceptible to damage due to gravity. A new, solid roof will replace these weakened ones so you can avoid accidents in the future.

Rising Energy Bills

It’s a commonly held belief that leaking roofs allow heat to escape during the winter; therefore, your heating bills are higher. While this might be true in some cases, the real culprit is an old roof. A newer one with better insulation can block out more heat and can even lower your cooling costs in summer.

Beam Cracks on Walls

As the beams under your roof lose their strength, they might start to crack when exposed to weight. While you could go back to the drywall stage and add more layers on top of it, doing so will not reduce water damage in the future because the underlying cause was never given attention.

If you see one or more of these signs on your roof and inside your home, you should contact Solid Rock Roofing and Construction in DFW without delay. We will determine whether your roof needs repair or replacement and provide a premium quality solution.

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